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IntegrateME Project

IntegrateME project is focused on the role of VET Trainers/Teachers/Mentors in the promotion of cultural literacy of immigrants and refugees towards their smooth integration in the EU diverse society. Becoming culturally literate, immigrants and refugees will acquire the knowledge and skills to understand and participate in a given culture and be smoothly integrated in the society of EU, personally and professionally. Knowledge of cultures, respect of beliefs and recognition of identities, through an intercultural approach, are decisive components that encourage the integration of immigrants and refugees in European societies. Being culturally literate, could improve their everyday personal and professional reality in their “new” socio-cultural environment, in which they will collectively work for the economic growth and social welfare of Europe. A small-scale research carried out in the 6 partner countries showed that the main issue that immigrants and refugees face in their “new” homes, is difficulty in being integrated, mainly due to the fact that they are not culturally prepared to live in diverse environments.

The purpose of IntegrateME project is to contribute to the development of a VET Open Educational Resource on Cultural Literacy aiming at training VET Trainers/Teachers/Mentors, who in chain will train immigrants and refugees towards their smooth integration in the diverse society of EU according to the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development focus on “leaving no one behind”. This project aims to meet migrants and refugees long-term need for knowledge, skills and competences acquisition regarding Cultural Literacy, in order to help their smooth integration in their “new” home and contribute to their personal and professional inclusion in diverse environments. IntegrateME project is an international synergy between 6 European organisations with a transnational character, having as target groups VET Trainers/Teachers/Mentors, VET Centres and educational organisations, immigrants and refugees. They will jointly work to develop a VET Open Educational Resource, extending their scope beyond the boarders of their countries in order to define common strategies for fostering critical thinking through the use of ICT tools on Cultural Literacy.

The project has the following objectives:

  1. Design innovative training contents and methodologies for VET Trainers/Teachers/Mentors on Cultural Literacy embracing effective use of ICTs
  2. Increase the professional development (knowledge, skills, competences) of VET trainers to effectively support immigrants and refugees in integrating themselves, through Cultural Literacy, in their “new” home
  3. Enhance pedagogical competences and skills development for effectively teaching issues related to Cultural Literacy
  4. Build a creative, motivating and positive learning environment