IO1 – Intellectual Output 1

State of the Art on Serious Gaming & Internet Safety

  • ISafetyAppapp_ TRI - 1O1_A1_A2 (report)

    This report performs desk research on all the disciplines related to influencing attitudes to internet safety skills. These disciplines are: Serious Games and Digital solutions for internet safety.

  • ISafetyAppapp_ WSEI - 1O1_A1_A2

    With the advancement of technology and emergence of Web 2.0, young people spent more time in the online world that in the offline one. Children are introduced by parents to the Internet and mobile devices as early as in early-preschool age and start to develop their digital skills.

  • ISafetyAppapp_ IX Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Kazimierza Jagiellończyka w Toruniu- 1O1_A1_A2

    From year to year, access to the Internet and other telecommunications services is becoming more and more common. In 2021, almost 85% of Polish population use the Internet. Over 66% use social media.

  • ISafetyAppapp_ IF- 1O1_A1_A2

    The first section of this report consists of applications of serious games to enhance Interned Safety. The training approaches to teaching Internet Safety Skills are presented in the second section. Finally some recommendations are presented in the third section

  • Survey on Serious Games for Internet Safety

    Detailed report for Survey on Serious Games for Internet Safety.

  • Nauczyciele odpowiedzi - Ankieta na temat bezpieczństwa

    Detailed report on teacher's answers related to safety.

  • Erasmus Ankieta dla uczniów

    The survey on the use of the Internet by students of Casimir Jagiellon Secondary School in Toruń was answered by 132 teenagers aged 14-19. It was conducted in order to examine the students' knowledge on the Internet safety as well as to check what the virtual world means to them.

  • ISafetyAppapp_IO1_report improvements_ ENGLISH

    In Greek schools there are no curricula in the strict sense of the term. However, most Greek schools cooperate with several institutions that can provide appropriate training for students and teachers, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education.

IO2 – Intellectual Output 2

App Game Development & Evaluation

IO3 – Intellectual Output 3

Teacher Training Courses Materials


App Game Development & Evaluation

  • Evaluation after a year of cooperation

    Evaluation studies have shown that the project has a significant impact on increasing knowledge about the dangers of using the Internet. Thanks to the conducted research, it was possible to identify the areas of threats related to the use of the Internet.

  • IO evaluation

    The analysis of these surveys showed members of the project team that both teachers and students declare that they have a lot of knowledge about safe use of the Internet, and yet engage in risky behavior on the Internet.

  • Transnational Project Meetings - evaluation

    On the 19th August 2021 the first international meeting of partners involved in the implementation of the ISafetyApp: Teaching Students Internet Safety Through an Artificial Intelligence Mobile Application project took place. The meeting was held at Casimir Jagiellon Secondary School in Toruń, Poland.